November Goals - Christmas Tree Decoration

Never late than ever I am posting my November goals. This month will be one of the busiest of all year with Holidays looming around the corner. At the moment I am in full Christmas mode. I am prepping Holiday content for the blog, working towards fun, exciting projects and all in all keeping myself busy.


  • Publish my Holiday Gift Guides 2017 before Thanksgiving. As many of you will be shopping all the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales, I decided this year to bring my gift guides earlier to help you navigate your shopping. I am still working on the format and a few other details but I believe this year’s gift guides will be a welcomed surprise!
  • Finish all my Holiday shopping. I have already started buying a few gifts and my plan is to finish all my Holiday shopping this month. This way I will have plenty of time to wrap my gifts in time without panicked last-minute visits to crowded shops.
  • Declutter my house before putting up the Christmas decorations. I have been decluttering my house for months now but still, there are areas that need a little TLC. For instance, my office has seen better days, along with my white linen closet. I want to finish everything before putting up the Christmas decorations, so I can enjoy the whole thing without having to deal with paper piles and messes around the house.
  • Decorate my house for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving weekend. I have already bought my tree and this year I am going with a completely different color palette. However, there are still so many things I have to decide on. New ideas pop around every day and I need to finalize the whole thing before starting executing it. I am very excited and I think this year’s Christmas decor will look great with all the changes we made to our house.
  • Bring back Shoegal Out In The World Weekly Newsletter. I have been so busy the last couple of months that I had to set some priorities, so some things along the way had suffered. So I am bringing back the weekly newsletters, starting from this Friday, because there is no better time than the present. If you haven’t subscribed, you can subscribe here and every Friday you will receive the newsletter in your inbox.

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