On Monday I shared with all of you my goals for 2018. However, these were more personal goals. I thought it would be great to share my blog goals in a separate post. In the next few lines, I will elaborate on what to expect from Shoegal Out In The World in 2018. I am really excited for the next twelve months and all the ideas I have for this little corner of the internet. Moreover, it’s a way to be accountable to the people who matter the most, my readers.

What to expect from Shoegal Out In The World in 2018

Daily posts on the blog. This is my ultimate blog goal in 2018. It’s a difficult goal to achieve as it requires loads of work and good organization skills. So far this week, I have posted three posts, not daily but still, there is another post for later today!

A blog rebrand. I have wanted to rebrand the blog for a long time and there is no better time than now. I have created my mood board and chosen my color palette. By the end of May, I believe the rebrand will be completed.

Updated older blog posts. There are many older blog posts on the archives that need some TLC.

Blog posts mainly in English. Two months ago, I decided to post mainly in English and I plan to continue doing so. Whenever it is possible, I will try to post as many blog posts in both English and Greek.

More beauty blog posts. I have so many beauty products to share with you and plan to create more beauty blog posts in 2018.

New post series. I love post series and so do you! I have created some new post series that I am excited to share with you while revving older ones such as “Five Little Things”. 

Weekly Newsletter. The weekly newsletter is coming back on a different day. From now on you will receive Shoegal Out In The World’s newsletter every Sunday morning. The first redesigned weekly newsletter will reach your inbox on January 21st. It will include exclusive content and some fun surprises! If you haven’t subscribed, you can subscribe here.

Monthly Giveaways! Last but not least, I am introducing MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS on my social media. As a way to thank you for your support all these years, I decided to run monthly giveaways on Instagram and Facebook. These giveaways will include mainly products that are bought with my own money and in collaborations with brands I love. Tune in later today on my Instagram and Facebook accounts as the first GIVEAWAY will go live!


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